Dec 19 2014

Review: “Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless” by Liz Czukas

1. “Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless” was the literary equivalent of reddi-whip.

Chloe makes lists in her head all day long, and whereas I write mine down and they’re mostly to do lists, I found this extremely cute and instantly relatable. she makes them about her thoughts, things that embarrassed her, things that happen at work, …

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Dec 18 2014

HP Moment of the Week: Best Minerva McGonagall Quote

Our topic this week is…

Best Minerva McGonagall Quote

But not even the users of the Snackboxes could compete with that master of chaos, Peeves, who seemed to have taken Fred’s parting words deeply to heart. Cackling madly, he soared through the school, upending tables, bursting out of blackboards, toppling statues and vases; twice he …

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Dec 17 2014

Can We Talk? #6: What was the last thing that made you cry?

What was the last thing that made you cry?

One of the things my best friends and family know about me is that I am extremely vulnerable to televised sadness. Mom and I cry EVERY TIME we watch Anne of Green Gables. Sometimes when characters move or have babies or die or break up …

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Dec 16 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read in 2014

HOW DOES ONE PICK JUST TEN BOOKS FOR 2014? AUGHHHHHHH making this list was so difficult. I went through my 2014 reads and highlighted about 20 strong contenders and then had to brutally cut some of them and augh.

Honorable Mentions:

#14: On the Fence

#13: Stitching Snow

#12: These Broken Stars

#11: All Our …

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Dec 15 2014

Series Review: Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb

You know when you find an author that just writes books that you love? Especially when they’re fantasy, it feels like you’re transported to another place, and you can just sink into the book even if it’s not a fast read. I’ve now read 2 Robin Hobb series this year, and while they’re always …

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Dec 12 2014

Review: “The Archived” by Victoria Schwab

After reading Vicious, I was pretty anxious to pick up other works by Victoria Schwab, because she is fabulously creative. Vicious was amazing, the sample/teaser for A Darker Shade of Magic was frankly jaw-dropping, and I’d heard really great things about The Archived as well. I feel almost BAD saying this, but after reading …

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Dec 11 2014

HP Moment of the Week: Favorite Severus Snape Moment

The Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a weekly meme hosted by Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts.

I’m skipping ahead in the calendar a little bit because I didn’t have any thoughts on today’s official topic, and this topic which I DO HAVE MANY THOUGHTS ON was scheduled for Christmas Day, …

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Dec 10 2014

Can We Talk? #5: When did you start feeling like an adult?

When did you start feeling like an “adult?”

For me, it was 27, even though I keep thinking I’m 28, which makes no sense. I just FEEL 28, like I’m an adult and I’m single and I’m fine and I’ve got this adult thing down now and that’s how it feels to be 28. …

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Dec 09 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-me Authors I Read in 2014

This week’s topic is authors you first read in 2014. Turns out I read a lot of authors who’ve had books out for a WHILE, but that just means I have lots of awesome back list to check out!

I’m not a huge science fiction fan, but I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles! The …

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Dec 08 2014

Review: “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” by Col. Chris Hadfield

“An Astronaut’s Guide” was the #1 book on my non-fiction reading list, so I was really excited to get it from the library and see how Hadfield’s successful online persona translated in book form. As expected, Hadfield’s autobiography was fun-filled, interesting, and full of wisdom. AAG is only the second astronaut memoir that I’ve read, …

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