Feb 11 2014

Top 10 Tuesday: Books That Make Me Swoon!


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

Top 10 Tuesday: Books That Make Me Swoon!

I’m not really a swooner. I’m more of an awkward “Oh holy books that guy is hot/cute/sweet/funny I MUST HIDE IMMEDIATELY LEST HE NOTICE ME AND MY REMARKABLE AWKWARDNESS” type of girl. I wish that I was kidding. Safe space, y’all. *gestures*

Ahem. Oversharing aside, here are some books that make me imagine being swoony and adorable relationships that I ship. (Click the titles below the image for GoodReads links!)

TTT 1-3 Swoons

#1: Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door – seriously, if I could leap into the book and steal Cricket and then age him appropriately, I would do it. Lola would survive.

#2: Anne’s House of Dreams – I love Anne and Gilbert’s relationship. They are my top ship. SAIL ON ANNE AND GILBERT.

#3: Under the Never Sky – the series. Because Perry. And Roar. And Perry. And Roar.

TTT 4-7 Swoons

#4: The Bitter Kingdom – HECTORRRRR

#5: Crown of Midnight – CHAOLLLL

*Sidenote: does anyone think that hector and Chaol are just so similar that it’s insane? I love them both. For the same reasons. I love them.*

#6: The Sweet, Far Thing – the cave of sighs scene. You know the one.

#7: Simply Irresistible – One of the few New Adult books with an … emphasis on sexy times that actually had a good plot and that I liked.

*Another sidenote: I hate this cover. There’s no snow in that book. It’s just generic and crappy. OH LOOK THEY MADE A HEART. ROMANCE. I’M A LADY, I MUST LIKE HEARTS AND ROMANCE.*

TTT 8-10 Swoons

#8: Attachments – I love Lincoln and his shyness and his sweetness.

#9: Where She Went – I loved Adam and his struggle. A man whose whole heart is fractured because of first love and who lets that love go because it’s what’s best for HER. No matter how much it hurt him or made him sad.

*Yet another sidenote: The book was about Adam. Why is Mia the cover model? Imma have to get on a rant about this later.*

#10: Pushing the Limits – I just finished Dare You To and Crash Into You this week, and neither of those love stories held a candle to Noah and Echo. I love their struggles, each of them dealing with crap in their lives, but they’re stronger together.

What were your TTT items this week? Did we have any in common? Anything I heinously left out?


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  1. Stormy

    Hector!!!! Chaol!! And yes, they are insanely similar. I love them both, but *cough* Chaol is the poor man’s Hector in my opinion *cough* which is not to say that he is not absolutely FANTASTIC, but, that’s how I feel at this point. Of course, I’ve read the entire Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy and only Throne of Glass, not Crown of Midnight yet, so. . . we shall see. But yes, I love them both.
    I haven’t met Lincoln yet, but he’s a Rainbow Rowell character so I’m sure he’s fantastic.
    Stormy recently posted…My Top Ten Book Ships {Top Ten Tuesday}My Profile

    1. Terri

      *stares at you*

      You haven’t read Crown of Midnight yet, so I’ll excuse this. I was super iffy on Throne of Glass, but WOW Crown of Midnight was a game-changer. Like, I wasn’t even planning to read Crown of Midnight and then someone else said they were meh on Throne and Crown changed the game, and they were right, and now I’m practically bursting for book 3.

      I loved Lincoln. He was so quiet and steady, and awkward but not in a loud or even uncomfortable way. He’s content with his life for the most part, but he slowly begins to realize that he wants to change and grow up even though he’s not unhappy. And the emails are hilarious. AUGH. I need you to read this book like yesterday.

      1. Stormy

        HEYYYY, I do like Chaol after Throne of Glass! I do! But you cannot convince me that he compares to Hector. I’m going to read Crown of Midnight sometime this month, I think, so I shall see. I did really like Throne of Glass, but I’ve heard Crown of Midnight is a huge step up from Throne of Glass, so we shall see.

        I would totally read Attachments, except I can’t FIND it for a reasonable price anywhere. None of the bookstores here have it, and it’s too expensive online(I don’t spend much money if I buy books online, so. . .) but it’s Rainbow Rowell, so it must be fantastic, though right now Levi is still the best character from her books for me. He’s so sweet!
        Stormy recently posted…My Top Ten Book Ships {Top Ten Tuesday}My Profile

        1. Terri

          Well, I do like Hector because he loved Elisa so early and before she really came into her own.

          But Chaol gets much swoonier in Crown of Midnight. I’ll grant you this: Hector never read “naive” to me and sometimes Chaol does, especially for a “captain of the guard.” But that’s not his fault.

          I hope you can find a good copy of Attachments soon! It’s so cute. I was not planning to read Fangirl but you got me to read Cinder and that was good, so I’ll probably cave on this one too! Hehe.

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