Feb 13 2014

Book Chat: Blogger Inconsistency

book chat

First off, this is not a post directed at anyone other than myself. It is a GUILT POST about being a sporadic and often scattered blogger.

You see, I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now. During the first 3 years, I just kind of did whatever, didn’t comment much, didn’t tweet much. I was on a free WordPress site and if I didn’t blog, eh. Whatever. No big deal.

In the fall of 2012, I started feeling motivated again and tried to be a less crappy blogger. I’ve been posting more, reading WAAAAAAY more, and probably the biggest and best change is participating in the community more. I hadn’t participated before because of that ever-present parental voice in the back of my head saying “don’t tell people on the Internet who you are. It’s dangerous.” The Internet started to be a Thing That the Kids Do when I was in middle school, and that sense of stranger-danger beware of online predators was ingrained in me. Those warnings are still valid, but if you’re careful, you can make friends without getting cyber stalked. Or at least, I have. That wasn’t my point, really, but it was why I stayed in my own little corner of the ‘Net for 3 years.

Now that I’m involved and self-hosted and have lots of free time (<— LOL I MADE A JOKE!), I blog more. And when I blog more, I get bored of the same old thing. I’ve tried lots of new things: ratings graphics, gifs, formatting, a horrifying number of failed TTT graphics. I haven’t found “my design” and I can’t afford to spend money on a designer. I’m picky. I’m not well able to articulate the styles that I like and might want. I think it’s obvious I make my own graphics and compared to the sleek and polished graphics many others use, my graphics are pretty poor in comparison. (Except my wallpapers. They’re awesome.)

My book chat for today (she said after lengthy preamble) is to ask you: does inconsistency with a blog bother you? When a blogger is constantly trying to mess with post format or graphics or memes or whatever … do you just get tired of it? As much as I am a creature of habit, I also get bored quickly and want to try new things, even if it’s just once, but above all I don’t want this blog to be a hard to read, boring nightmare. Sometime I feel very … random. Scattered.

Then again, i follow a lot of blogs in my Feedly, so 1) I don’t usually see design anyway, 2) I’m quick to forgive formatting quirks because Feedly is weird about moving images around in text blocks, 3) I follow so many blogs that unless it’s a favorite, I don’t really notice small changes, so I TOTALLY understand if others don’t either.

So tell me what you think! Do you notice when bloggers are constantly experimenting, and do you care?


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  1. Amanda @ go book yourself!

    I honestly don’t notice sporadic posting. It doesn’t bother me. People have more going on in their lives than blogging and reading so it stands to reason that we all can’t follow a strict schedule all the time. I tend to post when the feeling hits me. I think If I stuck to a rigid schedule my posting would become mechanical and boring.

    Honestly, don’t worry about it!
    Amanda @ go book yourself! recently posted…Sarah Waters New Cover is revealedMy Profile

    1. Terri

      That’s good to hear, thank you! I’m with you: though I’ve adopted kind of a schedule over the last few weeks, it’s not official and if I don’t have anything to post, I just don’t worry about it. I’m glad to know that other bloggers feel the same!

  2. Kelsey

    I don’t really notice, myself. I go through my Bloglovin’ feed and only read what I want to when I have the time. I’m not that bright a person. I can notice overall blogger trends, but when it comes to inconsistencies in individual bloggers? Nah. I really don’t notice. Unless it’s me. Then I notice. But I’m kind of me, so. . . Great post, though! Honestly, blogging itself tends to be an experiment all of the time, I think. You’re constantly having to change to cater to your readers, you know?
    Kelsey recently posted…Why Book Ratings Aren’t AccurateMy Profile

    1. Terri

      That’s a great thought, that blogging is a continual experiment! Kind of takes the pressure off because as long as you keep trying, it doesn’t matter if you mess up … right? I’m going to agree with myself here and pretend the bad graphics don’t exist.

      Another great point. Book blogging changes all the time because the community changes all the time. Bloggers go on hiatus and quit blogging and lots of new people start blogging every year. Change is good! Thank you Kelsey. :)

  3. Tanya Patrice

    I don’t notice if a blogger is experimenting with content etc. since I follow through Feedly, but it wouldn’t bother me at all. Then again, I’m constantly experimenting with my own content. I think you have to write about whatever makes you happy to keep enjoying blogging. Readers will come and go even if you change nothing, because their interests change too.
    Tanya Patrice recently posted…If You Like Gone Girl … Recommendations For Books With Wives You Don’t Want to Mess WithMy Profile

    1. Terri

      That’s very true! Blogging is a hobby above everything else and if we’re not having fun, the readers won’t have fun and we won’t have fun and it will all just be gross. My tastes (and criticisms) are way different than they were four years ago when I started this blog!

  4. Stormy

    I think it’s pretty normal for bloggers to mix things up. I can think of very few bloggers who don’t–it’s just natural to try new things! I hardly notice blog designs since like you, I read most blogs through a feed reader, so I only see the blogs when I comment. I might noticed if a blogger really changed things, but it’s not normally a turn-off. Content can be a little trickier, since maybe tastes change and things don’t mesh as well together, but that’s on both sides, not just the blogger’s. Plus, it’s fun to mix things up sometimes.
    Stormy recently posted…O.W.L. Reports {Mini-Reviews} #3My Profile

    1. Terri

      Very true. I think one of the things I like most about your blog is that you’re always doing different features. I kind of feel stuck in a rut content-wise, which is why I occasionally branch out with craft posts and other non-bookish stuff.

      I’m glad to know that most readers don’t notice or mind formatting changes, because for the most part, we read in readers. It takes some of the pressure off too because then I can mix it up whenever I want! Content is definitely tricky but as long as it’s sincere, I’m always interested to see what people have to say outside of the standard book reviews.

  5. Goldie

    Me, personally, I also change up my blog design every year or so, or enhance it throughout the years. So far, this is my third blog layout, and I’m still finding ways to tweak or improve it. I do notice when other blogs change designs, especially if it’s a blog I frequently visit. I don’t care if bloggers keep changing their layout, as long as it’s still easy to navigate or access. :)
    Goldie recently posted…Author Help & Blog Roll!My Profile

    1. Terri

      Great point! I agree – as long as the site is navigable, I don’t mind changes. I was more curious about whether most people notice and the consensus seems to be that people only notice when it’s a frequently visited blog.

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